News broke on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 that Lamar Odom suffered a devastating accidental drug overdose while partying at the Love Ranch brothel (an offshoot of the Bunny Ranch brothel of Las Vegas, Nevada) in Crystal, Nevada. It is said that Odom arrived to the brothel on Saturday, October 10th and negotiated with the owner, Dennis Hof, for a 5 day party package for $75,000. None of the prostitutes who were with Odom admit to seeing him use illegal drugs during his time there, but they do acknowledge that he was drinking alcohol and that they supplied him with approximately 10 herbal Viagra-like supplements. However, contrary to this, sources at the Sunrise Hospital where Lamar was treated are said to have found “virtually every drug imaginable” in Lamar’s system (cocaine and heroin among the suspected drugs found).

love ranch 2

The entrance to the Love Ranch brothel is seen, Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2015 in Crystal, Nev., were former NBA basketball player Lamar Odom was found unconscious the day before. Odom, the NBA star and reality TV personality embraced by teammates and fans for his humble approach to fame, was on life support Wednesday, his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian by his side. Odom was found unresponsive after four days at the brothel (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Odom was initially taken to Desert View Hospital and was to be airlifted to another hospital, but at 6’10” tall he was deemed too large for the medical helicopter (Medevac) and was instead rushed by ambulance to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas. Within an hour of publicized media headlines about Lamar’s condition, Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Malika Haaq, Khadijah Haqq and Kris Jenner were on a plane to Vegas. Kendall Jenner and even Caitlin (Bruce) Jenner soon followed. Initial reports had Odom as comatose in the ICU, his liver, kidneys and heart failing and that he was breathing via hospital ventilator. He was said to have had numerous strokes since he was admitted to the Sunrise facility and many online media outlets also reported that he was brain dead.

sunrise hosp kim kylie kourt hospkris hosp malika khadijah hosp


Then, Jesse Jackson, who happened to be in Las Vegas on his way to a fundraiser gala in Los Angeles visited the hospital for a few hours and [he said] spent 30 minutes with the basketball star. Jackson said that Lamar’s “condition was improving” and that he saw “signs of responsiveness”. He later clarified his statements to say that Lamar was still “a very sick man… fighting for his life” and that he is “not communicating in the verbal sense” but that he’s “responsive to a minor degree”. Sources inside the hospital said that Jesse Jackson was “flat out wrong” and that he only had 3 minutes alone with Odom. However, after Jesse Jackson’s visit and subsequent interviews with the press, doctors at Sunrise gave Lamar a 50/50 prognosis of survival but maintained that 4 of his organs were still failing and that he had brain damage. Additionally, it was reported that Odom was on dialysis due to kidney failure.

jackson hosp


It was around this time that news outlets began reporting that Khloe and Lamar were still legally married. Both parties had signed the divorce papers, but due to a back log in the LA County court system, a judge had not signed off on them. News outlets also noted that although estranged, since Khloe was legally still Lamar’s wife, she was responsible for making all medical decisions for him to include whether to stop or continue life-sustaining measures. Khloe is said to have flow Lamar’s two teenage children (Destiny and Lamar Odom Jr.) and their mother (Liza Morales) into Vegas to see their father, although many reports say that Liza paid for the trip herself.

odoms family at hosp


Early Friday (10/16/15) morning, People magazine reported that Khloe and Lamar’s family were “preparing for the worse” and a source is quoted as saying “he is on his last leg”. Then less than an hour later, reports surfaced that Lamar’s heart function was “much better” and doctors called it a good sign. By that afternoon, E! News reported Lamar had awoken from his coma, said “Hey baby” to Khloe, gave her a thumbs up and began breathing on his own. Soon afterwards, Lamar’s family were seen looking relieved outside the Sunrise Hospital. By Tuesday, October 20th, Khloe had Lamar moved by Medevac (which he was miraculously able to fit in this time) to Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. And Wednesday morning (October 21st) Khloe’s attorney, Laura Wassler, appeared in court on her behalf to have the divorce papers withdrawn from the court. She had what appeared to be a document signed by Lamar indicating that he was not represented by legal counsel and that he agreed with the motion to dismiss the divorce petition. Pretty amazing for someone to be of sound mind and body and able to make such an important decision whom just 5 days earlier was reported as possibly being brain dead!



Owner Dennis Hof is quoted as saying Lamar wanted to “get away from everybody” and “have fun” and others described his demeanor as “chill”. That is until he received a call from someone about Sunday’s (10/10/15) episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Some of the ladies that were near Lamar said he seemed upset after hearing about the way he had been portrayed on the show that had just aired. It was reported that Lamar had previously begged Khloe Kardashian to refrain from airing their phone conversations on the show, however that Sunday’s episode showed Khloe receiving two calls from Lamar. During one call Kim watched Khloe with a sour expression as Khloe spoke to Lamar. Kim proceeded to chastise Khloe for keeping in contact with Lamar and in her confessional Kim remarked that seeing Khloe be “flirty” with Lamar made her “sick to her stomach”. During the second call, Lamar sought solace from Khloe after learning his best friend Jamie Sangouthai had died suddenly. At the conclusion of that call, Khloe remarked that it was “One death after another. I can’t handle it”. Then in her confessional she remarked, “I’m really on high alert for Lamar because, I mean, anything I think will set him to spiral and that’s kind of the last thing I want for him.” Additionally, during the same episode, Khloe felt forced to leave a club after learning Lamar was allegedly trying to get inside to see her. All these incidents seemed to be the trigger that set Lamar off on his downward spiral. A source claimed that Lamar began ranting to the women at the brothel that the Kardashians had ruined his life, were using him for ratings and they conspired to break him and Khloe up. It is said that Lamar remained upset until he was found unconscious on Tuesday (10/13/15).

IMG_1404 IMG_1406


Sadly, Lamar Odom is no stranger to tragedy. In fact, his life has been rife with it. His mother died of colon cancer when he was just 12 years old. He was raised by his grandmother Mildred Mercer, because his father was a heroin addict. On June 29, 2006 his 6 ½ month old son, Jayden, died from SIDS while sleeping in his crib in New York. On July 9, 2011, his cousin Curtis Smith was murdered. While Odom was in New York for Smith’s funeral, his driver struck a 15 year old boy who died the next day from injuries sustained. On June 14, 2015, Jamie Sangouthai (Lamar’s best friend) died from a flesh eating disease brought on by long term IV drug use. Finally, on June 20, just six days after his best friend died, another close friend, Bobby Heyward, died from a heroin overdose.

lamar and jamie lamar and  bobby


And then there is the story of Bob Oliva. Bob Oliva was one of the most influential basketball coaches in New York City for almost 30 years starting in the late 1970’s until he resigned due to a horrible scandal that surfaced in 2009. He was the varsity basketball coach at Christ the Kings Regional High School in Queens, NY during the time Lamar Odom attended the school from 1993 – 1996. The horrible scandal that stopped Oliva’s coaching career in its tracks was that of sexual abuse and child pornography. In March of 2010, he was indicted on 2 counts of rape of a child and 1 count of disseminating pornography to a minor by a Massachusetts grand jury. Numerous players came forward to provide statements to the grand jury; however the statute of limitations was up on the majority of those complaints. He was eventually prosecuted in Massachusetts because they didn’t have the same statute limitations. One former player of Olivas’ accused him of sexually abusing him over the course of several years in the 1970’s. Another boy accused Oliva of raping him twice during a 1979 trip to see the Boston Red Sox – Yankees doubleheader.

IMG_1391 IMG_1395 IMG_1396IMG_1393 IMG_1392(1)


Oliva was known to regularly invite his favorite players to his house in Richmond Hill, NY where he lived as a bachelor with his elderly father. One victim said that Oliva would serve his underage guests beer and eventually ask them about their girlfriends and what kinds of sexual things they did with them. Then, he would claim that the talk was making him “horny” and would put on a porn movie and masturbate in front of his underage guest. On the court, Oliva was know for breaking his favorite players down by telling them they’d never be any good and then he would build them up by commending them on their improvement. One victim is quoted as saying, “He was like a god. He controlled my destiny”.

Oliva’s friend, Ray Paprocky, said that Oliva admitted to him that he had a sexual relationship with a student and he promised to resign from the school. Paprocky told Christ the King officials about Oliva’s confession, but they did nothing.

Eventually, Bob Oliva pled guilty to one count of sexual abuse in Massachusetts, but because of a plea agreement he did not serve any prison time. This is absolutely shocking considering the 2 rape charges could have gotten him 2 Life Sentences!! Instead, he received 5 years probation while wearing a tracking bracelet, required to register as a sex offender and provide a DNA sample to the Massachusetts sex offender database. He was also required to undergo sex offender treatment, give up teaching and coaching and have no unsupervised contact with minors. All in all, it seems Mr. Oliva got off quite easy considering he could have been serving TWO LIFE SENTENCES.

My Own Thoughts and Opinions

Knowing that Lamar Odom came from a troubled childhood, it is easy to see how he could have been pulled into Bob Oliva’s web. He loved basketball and getting to go to the coaches’ house would probably have seemed like a real treat and an escape to any young athlete with a similar tumultuous home life. Now I am only speculating, but IF something happened to Lamar during his time at Christ the King High School, it would make sense as to why he can’t seem to beat his demons now. The death of his mother, his father being a heroin addict and possibly having been sexually abused by a beloved coach – that is a lot for any young, vulnerable man to have to deal with. Also, it’s possible that along with the trauma of sexual abuse, Lamar may have been subjected to mind control programming and his handlers may have installed physical and mental triggers and certain weaknesses into his psyche way back then hence an explanation to why he left his children’s mother after the death of his infant son (a traumatizing event) and married Khloe Kardashian within only 1 month of knowing her (programmed reaction to the traumatizing event). It is rumored that Lamar dated Taraji Henderson prior to Khloe and asked her to marry him also. She turned him down, however.

Lamar Odom is a cautionary tale of how an unstable home life, multiple reoccurring traumas and drug and alcohol abuse can create the perfect storm for a person to fall victim to the Hollywood machine. He is so much more than a drug addict or a reality TV show husband. He is a two time NBA Champion (2009, 2010), NBA Sixth Man of the Year (2011), a Bronze Medal winner in the Olympic FIBA World Championship (2004), NBA All-Rookie First Team (2000), First Team All Atlantic 10 (1998), Atlantic 10 Rookie of the Year (1998), Parade Player of the Year (1997), Two time Parade All American (1996, 1997). He is an excellent, accomplished athlete and should NOT be used as a storyline for a reality show and he should NOT be used to draw attention to the Kardashians and the products they are hocking.

lamar sixth man lamar champ lakers lamar olympic


After a long hiatus I’m back writing again. Unfortunately, while life goes on for all of us, so do the plans of the Elite. Many things have occurred in pop culture since the time I’ve last written a post that align directly with the various agendas of the Elite. Bruce Jenner came out as transgender in April, received the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage in July and had his docu-series premiere in July as well. This brought the transgender part of the LGBTQ movement to mainstream America, with Jenner as the self-proclaimed voice of the transgender community.  Kanye West received the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award at this years MTV Video Music Awards and at the end of his bizarre, rambling speech declared himself a presidential candidate for 2020. He also had a last minute showing in New York Fashion Week, Fall 2015 (in which he bumped two established designers from their time slots – Anne Bowen and Naeem Khan) that was abysmal at best. Although it was quite clear to me that his “designs” had a deeper meaning. Articles on these two events will be forthcoming.

bruce caitlin

kanye vma 2015

kanye fashion 2015 fall

Another huge scandal to break in July was the FBI raid of Jared Fogel’s (of Subway sandwich fame) home on suspicion of child pornography. He is expected to be formally charged and plead guilty in November to paying for sex with minors and receipt and distribution of child pornography. The rise and fall of Jared Fogel is a confusing one for me because, just as with the Duggars’, I’m left to wonder what exactly did Subway executives know and when did they know it. Did they put making money over the welfare of countless children? I wonder this because a simple Google search shows that while attending Indiana University, Jared was popular for and made money from his vast pornography lending library (1). He would rent out porn videos for a dollar and had a huge customer base. One would think that a huge corporation like Subway would be more diligent in conducting extensive background checks on a prospective spokesperson. Now I’m not saying Jared dealt in child porn during his college days, but for him to run a porn lending library and then plead guilty to child porn years later is just too coincidental for me. And I don’t believe in coincidences.

jared fat

jared subway

Jared’s house of cards began to topple when in April 2015, the executive director of The Jared Foundation, Russell Taylor, was arrested for child exploitation, possession of child pornography and voyeurism. An excess of 400 child pornography videos were found on Taylor’s computers and hard drives and four children (some as young as 9) were identified as the victims. Taylor himself engaged in sex with a 14 year old girl and Jared was aware of this. In fact, twelve of Jared’s fourteen victims were minors that Taylor secretly filmed and the videos shared with Jared. At present time, according to his plea agreement, Jared faces between 5 and 12 years in federal prison and must pay his victims $1.4 million.

jared fbi jared fbi2

Although Jarod is being prosecuted (if you consider 5-12 years adequate punishment, which I don’t), this agenda causes me great concern – the Normalization of Pedophilia Agenda. This agenda is not new. In fact, the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), which is an American pedophile and pederasty advocacy group, was established in 1978. So the idea of “love” between an adult and child is nothing new. And sympathetic articles such as the one Todd Nickerson wrote for salon.com seem to be pushing for this vile, monstrous behavior to be considered normal and commonplace. Although after reading Todd’s article, it’s clear that he says he has not acted on his pedophilic urges and is only calling for understanding and support for those self admitted pedophiles who have not acted on their urges as well; I feel that is a slippery slope on which to embark. If we accept non-offending, self-confessed pedophiles, what do we do with those who have only offended once or twice? What if a pedophile offends once and immediately turns himself in? Does that make him better or more noble that the pedophile who hides his crimes? Where do we draw the line? Additionally, the one thing I did not read in Mr. Nickerson’s dissertation is anything involving therapy, counseling or psychological help. Yes he is a part of an online support group and even moderates the pedophilic support site Virtuous Pedophiles, but where in all of that is the psychiatric help he (and others like him) so obviously need? It is commendable that these individuals have not acted on their urges, but is it proper to just accept them as normal and to encourage others to do the same rather than delving into their psyches to figure out WHY they are wired with these wicked proclivities?

nambla boy shh

I say NO. Pedophilia is wrong whether acted upon or not. The push shouldn’t be to understand and accept these behavioral oddities, but rather to expose them, figure out how and why they develop and abolish them. For me, there is no other answer. This article just reinforces to me that The Powers That Be are staying the course to push the Normalization of Pedophilia (and eventually Bestiality, but that’s another article). Each article and each story that is sympathetic towards or which tries to paint these horrible acts in a positive or unharmful light is another brick in the structure that is the New World Order. We are closer to the New World Order and those FEMA Concentration Camps than we realize.


If I have anyone who periodically visits this site to check up on new information, just bear with me on this post. This is just some of my inner thoughts and views on reality. Un-researched because these are my own thoughts… my own conception of what is REAL.

Basically, in this post I just want to express my thoughts and feelings on the Sentiment of the World. So often we, as humans, get so caught up on observing others lives and coming up with our own opinion on what is just, correct or even false and untrue about other peoples lives. Most often, we make these judgments based on our own experiences and how we feel we would react in a similar situation. There is a great fallacy in doing such because how can one  truly be sure how one would react in a given situation, until faced with that situation? Of course we want to believe we all would take the High Road (those of us who are not totally evil, that is), but is that truly the case???

We all need to remember that as humans, we have a common thread of feelings and sentiments that flows through us and connects us on an integral level. Even people who do evil, oftentimes do it for a greater good (in their minds). Maybe they feel they are protecting their loved ones or themselves and things just become Twisted. There is where we all need to beware and take care. Just remember, if your actions cause another being pain, harm, hardship, strife or heartache – how can that be for the greater good? How can that action be justified?

The highest emotion that transcends all life forms and that can bond the world is LOVE. It is so true that if you do unto others in Love and Kindness, there shall be no strife, no pain, no confusion. If we were all honest with one another we would be able to reach a higher understanding and mental unity.


Let’s all be kind to one another and treat each other with respect and understanding. That which seems to divide us oft is the very thing which is the same in us all.


By now you know that the Illuminati (The Powers That Be) are an elite group of people who control the world as we know it. Behind the scenes, they orchestrate the decisions and movements of major corporations, industries and governmental bodies that affect everything in our lives from the environment to our universal human rights. They keep the average citizen consumed and preoccupied with trivial entertainment that is created to program and control our thoughts and minds.

An easy way to reach the public is through mass media. Audio and visual are two major senses that we use all the time and so it must be infiltrated constantly via magazines, pictures, movies, music, videos, etc.

As a group they like to operate in plain sight. What better way to hide something than in plain sight? They do this for several reasons:

  1. Absolute deniability: when things come to pass TPTB can always say whatever negative outcome is not their fault because “we showed you what we were doing”. By showing what they are about, their beliefs, their alliances it gives anyone the obvious choice to follow them or not. You can not be absolved to ignorance of the law.
  2. Desensitization: if we see something often enough, we get used to it and may even come to expect and anticipate it. It becomes normal and commonplace to us. All of the negative and evil things TPTB promote they want us to see them as normal.
  3. Programming: the daily conditioning using these signs and symbols is propaganda programming. The definition of propaganda is biased or misleading information used to promote or popularize a particular point of view or political idea. Propaganda shapes how we view the world and our perceptions of it.


What is the difference between a sign and a symbol? Basically, a sign shows you something and a symbol is a representation of something. For example, if you are looking for McDonald’s you may look for a sign with McDonald’s written on it. You also may look for the symbol for McDonald’s which is the golden arches.  The Powers That Be want us to become accustomed to their signs represented by their symbols. A lot of it is occult in origin. But more often we are seeing these symbols in everyday life.

NOTE: As you look over the information below, it is important to remember that these people do not believe in Christ or God as normal Christians do. They may reference a “god” or “lord” but they are most likely referring to a demonic entity. Always remember “you will know them by their fruits” – meaning you will know exactly where a person stands by the result of their work. Do they surround themselves with positivity or confusion? Do they promote the good or debauchery and darkness?

Some important terms and definitions:

Luciferian Doctrine is a set of religious beliefs held predominantly by initiates of Freemasonry who practice Luciferianism as a religion.

Luciferianism is the worship or reverence of Lucifer as a deity by highlighting the “positive” aspects of Lucifer.

Satanism is the worship of Satan, typically involving a travesty of Christian symbols and practices, such as placing a cross upside down.

DISCLAIMER: the following pictures in no way implicate these individuals as Satanists, Luciferians or members of the Illuminati. The pictures simply represent examples of these 30 Signs & Symbols found in mass media.

1. Pyramids: The famous pyramids in Egypt were ancient burial tombs for Egyptian Royalty. Pyramid represents wealth, affluence and even mystery. On the dollar bill, there are 13 levels to the elevated capstone. In Freemasonry, the elevated glowing pyramid with the all seeing Eye of Providence is known as the Great Architect of the Universe or Supreme Being. Can be symbolic of a brainwashed population (large base) supporting an elite group (ascending tower).

US_dollar_pyramid sphinx-27small steps-of-freemasonry merkel10 oprah

2. Eye of Horus: Ancient Egyptian symbol for protection, good health and royal power.  Eye of Providence: All Seeing Eye of God surrounded by a glory – golden rays. Interpreted as the eye of God watching over humankind.

eye of horus eye of providence katy perry

3. One Eye Hidden: Is basically a salute to the Elite to let them know they are in allegiance with them and willing to push the assigned Agenda (similar to throwing up gang signs). Zechariah 11:17 references the Antichrist will be blind in his right eye. Although it deviates slightly, most doing this sign cover their right eye.

illuminati_celebrities-_hand_covering_eye_-_all_seeing_eye_gesture_lady_gaga1 em one eye farrow eye Ri eye willow-smith-one-eye

4. Horn of Cornuto (Mano Cornuto): Also known as the Devil’s Sign or Devil’s  Horns. Seen as a greeting between Satanists. The Satanic Bible says it is a sign of recognition between and allegiance of Lucifer’s servants.

comp horns2jpg comp horns hand.h68

5. Square and Compass: Most recognizable symbol of Freemasonry  and used in Masonic ritual. Square is an emblem of virtue. Masons must “square our actions by the square of virtue of all mankind”. Compass signifies wisdom of conduct and the Freemasons strength to “circumscribe our desires and keep our passions within due bounds”.

square _compass walken ring jake masonic ring simon-cowell-jet-ski-masonic shaq masonic ring

6. Monarch Butterfly:  Butterfly whose migration pattern is passed down to offspring genetically. Scientists learned that information can be passed down genetically in people too. For instance, people who have a history of sexual abuse in their family are highly susceptible to hypnosis and mind control. So Monarch butterfly is symbolic for mind control. Also Project Monarch was a 1950’s CIA funded government program where unsuspecting US Citizens were subjected to psychological experiments using psychotropic drugs, electroshock, and other forms of torture to disassociate the mind in order to create programmable alters.

monarch monarch- celebritiesmariah butterflyBritney-Butterfly-Wallpaper-britney-spears-10342267-500-375

7. Masks:  A mask is a way to conceal identity. It represents secrecy, lies, delusion and ritual. The anonymity of the mask allows attributes and personalities to be expressed that are normally shunned by society. The wearer of the mask may feel liberated to be and to do whatever they want while wearing the mask.

AGAGA MASKS rothchild mask paris-hilton-ball-6228-1 Solange-Knowles-Tina-Knowles-and-Beyonce-celebrate-Tinas-60th-Birthday

8. Lightning Bolt: Represents the electroshock treatments (voltage lines). Also ties back to Nazi SS insignia and human experiments done by Nazi Josef Mengele.

nazi ss gaga bowie amber bolt

9. Animal Print: represents Beta/Sex Kitten Mind Programming, promotes hyper-sexuality, mind control, alters.

alba mirren azealia-banks-playboy-photos02 celebrity-leopard-print-trend bruno-mars-rolling-stone jlo

KARDASHIAN-LEOPARD-PRINT leopard-Prince <> the Christian Dior Ready to Wear Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 show during Paris Fashion Week at Musee Rodin on March 4, 2011 in Paris, France. jaden-smith-leopard-print-pants-toys-r-u__oPt

10. Bird Cage / Cage: represents imprisonment, capture, escapism, controlled existence, slave.

britney cage audrey-hepburn Pickard-Shakira-10-001

11. Emphasis on Black, White, Red: White represents innocence, purity, the new initiate; Red represents sacrifice, blood oath, ritualism; Black represents ritual fulfilled, oath taken.

1374255028_90713084_kanye-west-taylor-swift-zoom alg-vma-beyonce-taylor-swift-jpg swift blackjpg

12. Jewel Programming: Pearl and Diamond represents sexual abuse / sex alter; Amethyst: keeping secrets; Ruby: sexual abuse / sex alter and prostitution; Emerald: family loyalty, witchcraft, also drug mule/carrier/runner and political envoy; Sapphire: protector.

marilyn pearl monroe diamond halle_berry Rihanna-ruby blog_angelina_jolie_emerald_earrings_oscars Angelina Jolie  77th Annual New York Film Critics Awards Gala - Arrivals New York City, USA - 09.01.12 Mandatory Credit: Pop/WENN.com BRAZIL - APRIL 25:  Princess Diana Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring, Watch, Gold Earrings  (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images) (FILE) A file picture dated 11 April 2011 shows Britain's Prince William fiancee, Kate Middleton as she looks on at the Witten Country Park in Darwen, Britain. According to media reports on 13 April 2011 the bride-to-be will have her sapphire and diamond engagement ring resized in time for the royal wedding that will take place in London on 29 April 2011.

13.  Cracked/Shattered Mirror: symbolizes mind control, the fractured psyche, twinning: multiple alters.

taylor swift mirror taylor-momsen-illuminati-5 mirror mask

14. Shhh! Gesture: denotes secrecy, silence, often represents sexual abuse hence the “don’t tell; it’s our little secret”motto abusers often say.

lily_allen_rihanna_tattoo Rihanna shh shh shhh-finger-tattoo-for-girls 

15. Porcelain Programming: porcelain mask, porcelain dolls represent alters created by fire / burning torture

white-mask batman mask porcelain programming. 

16. Inverted Cross: Luciferian / Satanists like to pervert the symbols of Christian faith. Connected to Satanism and the occult.

Amber-Rose-inverted-cross inverted earring rih inverted cross controlminds model inverted.

 17. Pentagram: Inverted 5 sided star, represents Goat of Mendes. Common symbol of Satanists.

inverted star birdman cassie lil wayne beckham

18. Spiral Staircase: Represents ascending / descending knowledge or wisdom. Can also mean a slow reveal of hidden things and growth and evolution.

sprial stair

19, Masonic Pillars: Represents and important gateway or passage to  sacred or otherworldly places and mysterious realms. Three pillars can represent the three stages of life or the first 3 steps of Freemasonry.

Masonic-Celestial-Pillars-of-Solomon Kanye-West-Power-Video-Pillars-Illuminati-Satanic-Symbolism-e1342349989929 michael-jackson-hologram-4-ftr

20. Owl: 40 foot owl at the Bohemian Grove is sacrificed to during the Cremation of Care. Owls have long represented wisdom. Additionally,  as it it rumored that many homosexual acts are performed at Bohemian Grove, the owl can also represent  homosexual sex rituals.

bohemian_grove3 drake-back-tattoo justin-bieber-x-arm-tattoo

21. Marionette: Signifies master/slave, handler/alter relationship

aguliera julia roberts

22. Tongue Out: Sexual abuse / sex programming, sex rituals, insemination/seeding ritual.

miley tongue leto tongue karruche alba. katy perry madonna-tongue-h selena-gomez-tongue-out

23. Baphomet: Goat of Mendes or Black Goat, means “absorption of knowledge” represents fertility and sex rituals, linked to the occult and Satanism, an alias of Aleister Crowley

madonna baphometheadsladygaga Beyonce-Baphomet-Ring beyonce-devil-worshipper-2 kendall

24. Checkerboard Floors: Masonic, signifies dualistic programming, twinning, multiple alters. Can also serve as a trigger for those under mind control to call up specific alters.

masonic floor lodgeroom checkbord Checkers2 amy checker kardashian checker no doubt checker MJ 2011 album covers blood on the dance

25. Hidden Hand: Masonic hand sign required to go through the second veil. May signify that the person depicted is part of the secret Brotherhood and their actions are inspired by Masonic philosophy and beliefs. Hidden hand which represents hidden power can also be connected to the occult.

hidden hand hidden-hand-masons hidden hand beetles al-pacino-723830l 

paris bf hidden hand

 26. 1 Finger Salute: Another Freemason sign that denotes status and power.

mason fingerobamaassange666oprah fingerfinger

 27. Marilyn Monroe:  Marilyn Monroe is said to have been the first Presidential Model Beta Sex Kitten. She is the ultimate example of a sex slave. Many celebrities have a rite of passage to channel Marilyn Monroe in a photo shoot, video, or movie portrayal. Represents Beta programming, sex slave alter, hyper-sexuality.

amber-rose-headshot b556b-anna-nicole-smith-like-marilyn-monroe beyonce monroe christina-aguilera-64072 jennifer monroe kelly-rowland-kisses-down-low-2 kim-kardashian-on-the-cover-of-vogue-brazil-magazine lady-gaga-marilyn-monroe-365x180 lindsay monroe monroe-madonna Miley-Cyrus-Marilyn-Monroe Nicki-Minaj-Marilyn-Monro-1024x575 nicole-kidman-australian-harpers-bazaar-cover paltrow Marylin_ paris_hilton_monroe penelope-cruz rita ora monroe scarlett-johansson-dolce-gabbana-campaign-04mia-monroe marilyn_ashley_judd _Kate Upton Monroe FINISHED franco monroe

28. Transhumanism: An international cultural and intellectual movement that seeks to transform the human condition using technology to enhance human  intellectual, physical and psychological abilities. By melding man and machine they believe we can be that much closer to becoming “gods”.

terminator metropolis Data_injured ex-machina-movie extant-105-preview-3 surrogates-android-200x225 sexbot robot face

29. Animal Ears: Represents Beta programming, satanic ritual abuse, sex rituals, hyper-sexuality, Sex Kitten alters.

megan fox ears herminoy ears bey ears Animal_Hats_collage TaylorAri kim ears sjp ears katy perry earstisdall ears rih ears

 30. 666:  References the number of the beast or Antichrist. Basically, flashing this sign makes those in the inner circle of  knowledge aware that the person is a willing participant to push Elite Agendas.

666 oprah 666_ha48 beiber 666t beyonce-666-hand-sign-2013-grammy-awards corey 666jpg david 666 denzel 666 depp 666 drake-666 elvis_presley-666 em666 gaga666 mj666666 lilt mariah 666


Every person in America is a corporation. A corporation is an artificial, fictional entity (artificial person) NOT a real, living person. To see evidence of this, take a look at any federal, state documents such as your drivers’ license, Social Security card, birth certificate, court summons or other binding documents such as credit card statements, loans, mortgages, etc. Have you ever wondered why your name appears in all capital letters? It’s not a mistake nor is it just the font they decided to use – your name in all capital letters serves a real and binding purpose.

example credit card    example sscard

Your name appearing in all caps is an example of Capitus Diminutio Maxima. According to Blacks Law Dictionary, Capitus Diminutio Maxima is defined as the highest or most comprehensive loss of status. This occurs when a person’s condition is changed from one of freedom to one of bondage – in other words, you become a slave. It takes away all rights of citizenship and all familial rights. The method by which the State causes a real, living person to “volunteer” himself into slavery is through forming a legal union (implied or stated) with the artificial entity. This union is represented by writing your name in all caps. Why is this method of creating artificial people as corporate entities for use by the government as slaves happening today?

It is happening today because American people are not seen as real, living persons; we are seen as artificial persons, fictional persons, and virtual persons. All of these classifications designate a real, living person as a CORPORATION. As a real, living person, we all have unalienable rights such as the right to free enterprise, the right to not be legally taxed unless we volunteer to it and the right to not attend any court (among many other unalienable rights).

You see, living people exist in the real, tangible world. However, government, states, agencies and corporations are entities that exist in a fictional, virtual world. In order for these entities to interact with us living people a “go between” must be created. This is the basis of a contract – to allow the intangible, fictional agencies to intact with real, natural people. When the two parties (the fictional agency and the real, natural person) agree on a contract a binding union is created.

There is another way a “go between” can be created, however. This is by creating a fictional representation of our real, natural selves so that representation can interact with the fictional government entity. This fictional representation of our natural selves is represented by our birth certificate. Our birth certificate is simply a Manufacturers Certificate of Origin. This gives the government a fictional person to interact with by way of the state in which we were born as our “port of entry”.

obama birth cert

The catch 22 here is that once you accept and/or sign the document (the birth certificate, drivers’ license, the ticket when you are pulled over, your Social Security card, etc) you have legally bound yourself to the designation of an artificial person and not a real, living person. In fact, this classification of an artificial person (versus real, living person) starts at birth when your birth certificate is first issued.

So what is the way around this? Well, one way is “going off the grid” and absolving yourself of any and all ties to local, state and federal government. But that is easier said than done. Another way is to simply understand the system for what it is – a way to barter goods and services between corporations (the corporate entity version of you and anyone or anything you do business with).

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The Illuminati – A Quick Summary

The ultimate goal of the Illuminati is to run the world, unencumbered; to enslave the whole world in a Satanic plot to bring about the New World Order – a one government / one religion / one banking system “utopia”.   They are very wealthy elite individuals who want to decrease the world’s population by about 6-7 billion using the various parts of their Depopulation Plan (this plan is mentioned in the Georgia Guidestones).  They will leave a few docile, obedient slaves around to cater to their every whim. The occult elite believe that humanity must go through a period of great tribulation in order to “purge its impurities”. This is their “Order Out of Chaos” (Ordo Ab Chao) theory. These impurities include religions, government as we know it, and most elements of humanity. Numerous politicians the world over have been caught, on tape or in writing, talking about this New World Order / One World Government goal including both George Bush’s, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Obama, Nixon, Prince Philip of England, Nelson Rockefeller, Bill Gates and on and on. This is a very old goal of theirs, and to understand it fully, one must realize that this goal isn’t one that’s supposed to be obtained within one lifetime; it is a goal that is to be reached slowly over a long period of time. They have been working on this for generations. It is a slow, subtle process because they know the public is reluctant to accept new ideas and it’s even better if we think the ideas are our own!

The Illuminati was founded by financiers dating back to the times of the Templar Knights (12th Century). The financiers, who financed the early kings in Europe, created the Illuminati.  The Illuminati as we know it today was formed in the 17th century out of Catholic roots, i.e. the Templar Knights and Rosicrucians. The idea of a modern ‘One World Order’ became popular in the 1700’s with the ideas of Weishaupt and others (although Weishaupt was used as a figurehead) and they have been working towards this goal since the mid 18th century.

The 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati are: Astor, Bundy, Collins, duPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Reynolds, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyn. Merovingian is the British familial bloodline and they think the Antichrist will come from this bloodline. (Princess Diana’s blood can be traced back to Merovingian. That is why Prince Charles chose her.).  Additional families involved are: Mellon’s, Carnegies, Duke, Dorrance, Stiliman, Baker, Pyne, Cuilman, Watson, Tuke, Kleinwort, Warburg, Phipps, Grace, Guggenheim, Milner, Drexel, Winthrop, Vanderbilt, Whitney, Harkeness.

Although each of these families are extremely wealthy on their own, the Illuminati (as a group) make money through war, drug running, gun running, prostitution, buying access codes for military computers, hiring and selling assassins, mercenaries/military trainers and banking.

The Illuminati demands loyalty from its members above all else. It is for this reason that starting at about age two, every member begins their training (some training even begins in-vitro). There are 6 disciplines of training. They are Military, Government, Spiritual, Scholarship, Leadership and Science. Often times the Illuminists lead double lives. They appear normal on the outside, but they have alters that were created through their “training”. This training consists of trauma, mind control and ritual sexual abuse, among other things. This is how alters are created – by fracturing their minds via trauma or abuse. This allows them to appear to function normally within ordinary society, but still maintain an identity within the group and be used according to their programming.

The Trilateral Commission (founded by David Rockefeller in July 1973) is an annual conference that elite and powerful people attend to decide what will occur in the world (wars, elections, crisis, natural disasters, laws, etc). They manipulate all major areas of life such as: government, media, entertainment, music, fashion, industry, banking, medical, pharmaceutical, environmental, etc. They have an agenda that promotes chaos – even so far as to manufacture chaotic crisis by setting up terrorist acts using Delta programmed military assassins, false flags, HAARP generated weather disasters, etc.  They want to eventually enact a police state all over the world so they can have a One World Government and bring “Order Out of Chaos”. Other organizations that are a part of the elite agenda are: Royal Institute of International Affairs, Bohemian Grove, Bilderbergs, Council of 13 – Grand Druid Council, Ordo Saturis, Ordo Templi Orientis (Order of Oriental Templars), Mother of Darkness, Sanhedrin, etc. The pyramid is a recurring theme for these groups. If you notice the pyramid on the one dollar bill has 13 levels with the Capstone separate from the base. The Capstone represents the highest level of knowledge or “illumination”. Few reach this level. In Freemasons it’s the 33 1/3 degree. The lower level Freemasons are kept in the dark about the true agenda.

Generally speaking (and contrary to popular belief), celebrities are not a part of the Illuminati (although, occasionally some Illuminati family offspring enter the entertainment world). Remember a person must be born into the Illuminati; one can not join or be initiated into it. Celebrities are used as pawns by the Illuminati to further their various Agendas (hyper sexuality, homosexuality, transgenderism, promiscuity, violence, drug abuse, etc) by dumbing down the public, keeping us distracted with trivial things and desensitizing us to and normalizing flagrant displays of occult practices, witchcraft, black magik, dark arts, and Satanism. Celebrities are also subjected to “training” through trauma, mind control and ritual sexual abuse. The trauma they are forced to endure is often expressed through their art so everyone can be traumatized vicariously – and they call it entertainment. The creation of dissatisfaction of life in the general public is another form of group trauma. Extravagant weddings, lavish parties, star studded award ceremonies, and exotic vacations are splashed in media headlines to a population that can barely make ends meet. This can cause disillusionment with the system or it can cause some to foolishly want to sacrifice anything to live the “glamorous life” as it’s portrayed in the media. Unfortunately, that life is anything but glamorous.

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Okay folks, I want you to keep an open MIND about this post. Try to suspend your disbelief just for a moment and consider the possibility.

Project Blue Beam is a top secret government program that concerns the religious aspect of the New World Order. It is designed to be a fulfillment of the old prophesies. They will use the sky as a holographic projection screen for space-based, laser-generating satellites to project simultaneous images (holograms) to the four corners of the planet, in every language by region. They have been prepping the skies for this for years. Part of the purpose of Chemtrails is to blanket the sky with a network of nano particles that will support the holographic structure in the atmosphere. These devices have the power to project a “Christ Image”, alien craft, aliens, monsters, angels and much more. Also, they will resurrect the Montauk devices that are capable of inter-dimensional transport to simulate a false “rapture” (reminiscent of the “disappeared” Malaysian Flight 370 – where did those people go???).

The “show” will consist of laser projections of multiple holographic images to different parts of the planet, each receiving different images and messages according to the predominating regional religious faith and language. This message will be piped directly into nerve cells of the brains of the population by way of specifically generated radio frequencies. The various images of Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, etc., will merge into ONE after correct explanation” of the mysteries, prophecies and revelations are disclosed. This “ONE GOD” will in fact function as the “Anti-Christ”, who will “explain” that the religious of old are responsible for turning brother against brother, nation against nation – that the religions of the world must be abolished to make way for the GOLDEN AGE (NEW AGE) of the One World Religion, representing the One God they see before them.

Of course this superbly staged, full-scale production will result in social and religious disorder on a massive scale which in turn allows them to implement their Order out of Chaos Agenda and begin the RFID chips (for our protection), sending dissidents to the FEMA camps (or killing them off) at that time.

There are 4 things that must occur before the grand roll-out of their plan:

  1. The breakdown of all archaeological knowledge – this involved staging “discoveries” around the globe that will illustrate that the meanings of the basic doctrines of all the world’s major religions are “wrong.”
  2. The gigantic space show – all the holographic imagery mentioned above
  3. Telepathic electronic two-way communication – also known as “Artificial Talk” by which ELF, VLF and LF waves will reach the people of the earth through the insides of their brains, making each person believe that his own God is speaking to him from within his own soul.
  4. Electronic supernatural manifestations – thru the space show, mankind will believe a global alien invasion is imminent. Christians will think that a major rapture is occurring and that the holographic divine intervention of an alleged “good” force is coming to save people from a brutal satanic attack. The electronic waves and frequencies will allow supernatural forces to travel through fiber optics cable, coaxial cable, electric and telephone lines in order to penetrate all electronic equipment and appliances to manifest these malevolent entities. This will allow the materialization of satanic ghosts, specters, and poltergeists all across the globe in order to push the population to the edge on a wave of suicide, mass killings and permanent psychological disorders.

After all this, they then will introduce their One World Religion as the solution to the Chaos and that will usher in the New World Order.

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Is the Duggar Family Promoting the Normalization of Pedophilia Agenda?

On Thursday, April 21, 2015, In Touch broke the news about Josh Duggars’ (of the TLC program 19 Kids and Counting) admitted molestation of 5 young girls when he was 14-15 years old. Four of the victims are his sisters, aged 5-11 years at the time, and another girl outside the Duggar home. Public outcry was swift and loud, which prompted TLC to yank 19 Kids and Counting from their scheduled line up (a 19 KAC marathon was scheduled through this Memorial Day weekend). The Duggar’s are a devout Christian family and have a very large Christian fan base who took to the family’s Facebook page in droves to offer support. Mike Huckabee (2016 Republican Presidential candidate) also offered support calling Josh’s actions “inexcusable” but not “unforgivable”. But there was also outrage from the public and they unrelentingly took to the TLC website to protest the 19 Kids and Counting marathon. This not only caused the website to crash from the traffic overload, it also prompted executives at TLC to pull the show for the foreseeable future.

The story received widespread media attention after In Touch gained access (via a FOIA request) to a 2006 police report which details the accusations of child molestation and the ensuing investigation. Although the names of the minors in the report were heavily redacted, Josh’s own statements seem to confirm the report was about him and four minor girls in the Duggar family. Additionally, James “Jim Bob” and Michelle Duggar were specifically named in the report. On Thursday, a judge ordered the police report be destroyed to prevent one of the victims (who is still a minor) from being “directly or indirectly” identified. In his statement, Josh admits that 12 years ago he “acted inexcusably” and “hurt others, including family and close friends”. He says he confessed his actions to his parents who in turn took him to speak with the authorities where he made a confession and his parents then arranged for him and those affected by his actions to receive counseling.

What is disturbing, besides the molestation itself, is the amount of lies and cover-up by the Duggar family and the authorities surrounding this situation. According to the police report obtained by In Touch, James “Jim Bob” Duggar first became aware of Josh’s behavior in March 2002 when one victim confessed to him that Josh touched her breast and genitals while she slept. Nothing was done at that time. Then, a 14-year old Josh admitted what he’d done to his father in July 2002. Jim Bob “disciplined” Josh but did not involve authorities.

A year later, in March 2003, Jim Bob was made aware of several more incidents: Josh fondled the vagina of one victim while he read her a book, touching the breasts and genitals of other victims while they slept and even while they were awake – pulling their dresses up and taking their pants down. The police report insinuates that 4 of the 5 victims are Josh’s sisters who at the time were ages 11, 10, 9 and 5. Finally, Jim Bob took action. He met with church elders and it was decided Josh would enter a treatment program, which he did from March 2003 to July 2003. The Christian program consisted of hard physical labor and counseling. However, Michelle Duggar later admitted Josh did not receive counseling and was instead sent to a family friend who was in the home remodeling business. There is no mention of counseling for the girl victims.

Once Josh returned home in July 2003, his father took him to confess to Cpl. Hutchins, an Arkansas State Trooper. Cpl. Hutchins gave Josh a “very stern talking to” but did not bring any charges against Josh. It’s ironic to note that Cpl. Hutchins would go on to be found guilty of child pornography and is currently serving a 56-year prison sentence. Law Enforcement officers are mandated under Arkansas state law to report sexual abuse, so it’s unclear why Hutchins failed to pursue the matter – although his proclivity for child porn is the most obvious reason. Why would he turn in a fellow offender and possibly bring attention to his own (at the time) undiscovered crimes

Nothing was done about Josh’s crimes until December 7, 2006 when a tip was called into the Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline. But, as the statute of limitations for sexual assault in Arkansas is 3 years, the tip came 5 months too late as the clock started in July 2003 when Cpl. Hutchins was first notified. It would seem the family and law enforcement and even the media all failed the 5 girl victims.

The Duggar family has been in the media spotlight as early as September 6, 2005 (well within the 3 year statue of limitations) when they first appeared in a 1-hour Discovery Health special called 14 Children and Pregnant Again! One must wonder what kind of vetting process Discovery Health used as to miss an open police report involving sexual assault of 4 minor children in the Duggar household (perpetrated by none other than the oldest Duggar child!). In December 2006, the family’s Oprah Winfrey Show appearance was cancelled when a “61-year old woman” emailed Harpo Studios to warn producers about Josh’s sexual deviance. For their part, Harpo Studios did notify the Department of Human Services hotline and that triggered an investigation by the Springdale Arkansas police department. It is unknown who emailed the tip to Oprah, but as detailed in the police report, Michelle Duggar said that when Josh was initially accused of molesting his sisters, a family friend wrote the accusations in a letter and placed the letter in a book in the Duggar home. Sometime in 2006, the book was loaned to another person and thus the letter was discovered.

In 2006, the Springdale police department had an open investigation ongoing when 3 more television specials aired on Discovery Health: Raising 16 Children on March 13, 16 Children and Moving In on March 15, and On the Road with 16 Children on June 11. Finally, Springdale investigators interviewed the Duggar’s about Josh’s behavior in December 2006. Jim Bob refused to produce Josh for questioning, however; opting to lawyer up instead. Ultimately, no charges were filed because the 3 year statute of limitations had expired. On September 29, 2008, the first episode of 17 Kids and Counting premiered on The Learning Channel. It has been one of TLC’s highest rated programs ever since highlighting 2 more Duggar matriarch births (thus renaming the show 19 Kids and Counting) and following the oldest Duggar children’s dating lives. Josh’s marriage and the births of his 3 children (1 girl, 2 boys) were all featured on the show and he has a forth child (another girl) due in July.

It is quite obvious that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar purposely hid Josh’s sexual deviancy from the public and from the producers at Discovery Health and The Learning Channel. They also protected him from arrest and even had help in that effort from State Trooper Cpl. Hutchins, a convicted child pornographer. However, prior to and even after the statute of limitations ran out, the blog-sphere was teeming with the news of Josh’s crimes. In 2005, a commenter on a blog alleged misconduct by an anonymous son of a “political man” and leader at her church. Also, in May 2007, commenter “Alice” made mention of the allegations as well.

So, if the police report was open during the early part of the Duggar family rise to television fame and there were tips made to Oprah and Oprah’s staff alerted authorities and rumors of the allegations were in the blogs – why did TLC and Discovery Health remain in the dark about this? Could it be that ratings and advertisement dollars are more important to the network than the well being of children? Or could something more sinister be at work?

This isn’t the first time the TLC network has been involved in a scandal involving child molesters. As recently as last year, the network found itself exposed of not doing due diligence in conducting thorough background checks when pictures of June Shannon (of the reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo) cuddling with recently released registered sex offender Mark McDaniels hit the net. What made it more of a disgusting disgrace is the fact that the recently released, convicted pedophile McDaniels served time for molesting June’s own daughter Anna Cardwell. That June thought it was a good idea to hang around, be photographed laying in bed (she later claimed the photo was digitally altered) and going house hunting with the man convicted of molesting her own daughter is baffling. That her daughter Alana Thompson (then 9) was also pictured with the pedophile makes the situation that much more creepy and potentially dangerous (as 8-9 year old girls is the age range McDaniels preyed upon). TLC swiftly cancelled their reality show after the pictures surfaced.

But the fact that these type of people are slipping through the cracks and finding their way into the limelight by being acquainted with reality TV “stars” or a part of the production itself makes one wonder what is really going on behind the scenes of these shows. What kind of message is the Network trying to send? Is the goal to humanize these child predators to make society less likely to be outraged by then? Is the goal to place the blame on the child victim for enticing the predator? Well, two recent court rulings seem to suggest these very things.

April 2015 – In Santa Ana, California, an Orange County Superior Court Judge reduced the sentence of Kevin Jonas Rojano-Nieto (20) who was convicted of sexually assaulting a 3-year old relative. Rojano-Nieto was convicted of sodomy in December 2014 and faced a mandatory 25-years-to-life sentence. But Judge M. Marc Kelly determined that sentence to be unconstitutional and reduced the sentence to 10 years in prison. The 3-year old was sexually assaulted after she wandered into a garage where Rojano-Nieto was playing video games. Judge Kelly defended the reduced sentence by saying although the crime was “serious and despicable” it is not the same as when a pedophile preys on an innocent child. The defendant “was playing video games and she wandered into the garage” (emphasis added). The defendant did not “seek out or stalk” the victim and there was “no violence or callous disregard for her well being” the judge is quoted as saying. I think forced sodomy on a 3-year old toddler is absolutely violent and a callous disregard for her well being, but I’m not brainwashed to blame the victim and to empathize with the perpetrator as Judge Kelly seems to be. Judge Kelly is also quoted as saying: “He (Rojano-Nieto) inexplicably became aroused but he did not appear to consciously intend to harm the victim when he sexually assaulted her”. That statement is puzzling to me “…did not appear to consciously intend to harm the victim”. Is Kelly suggesting that the 3-year old toddler would have or should have enjoyed being sodomized? It’s hard for a non-supporter of violent predators like myself to understand the mind of someone who evidently supports violent predatory pedophiles. Judge Kelly further empathized with the criminal by noting Rojano-Nieto was raised in a dysfunctional family environment and showed “extreme remorse” for his actions. He also said in this case a sentence of 25-to-life would amount to cruel and unusual punishment.

This bizarre victim shaming and criminal empathy is not just found here in the U.S. In 2014, two separate Argentinean judges (Judge Benjamin Ramon Sol Llargues and Judge Horacio Piombo) reduced the sentence of Mario Tolosa, a sports club Vice President, from 6 years to 38 months for the sexual assault of a 6-year old boy saying the defendant shouldn’t be punished too harshly because the boy had previously been molested by his father. Judge Horacio specifically defended the reduction saying before Tolosa molested the child, he had already suffered “the initiation (emphasis added) by his father into the worst of worlds, leading him (the child) into depravation”. The judges ruled that Tolosa’s acts shouldn’t be considered “gravely outrageous” in legal terms because the 6-year old boy “was making a precocious choice” of his sexually, presumably referring to homosexuality. Judge Piombo further stated that “as a result of that experience” (with his father) the child had showed “signs of a transvestite conduct – conduct we had to take into account”. The family is appealing the ruling to the Argentine Supreme Court. So in essence, the two judges feel if you have been molested or assaulted before, your predator shouldn’t be judged to harshly because you are already used to being attacked. Also, if you are a homosexual it’s no big deal if you are attacked either.

And let’s not forget the case of Superior Court Judge Jan Jurden giving du Pont heir Robert H. Richards IV probation for raping his 3-year old daughter, saying Richards would “not fare well” behind bars and needed treatment instead of prison time.

All this goes back to the Elite life motto of “Do as thou Wilt is the Whole of the Law”. Ultimately, the Elite Powers That Be desire to move the world into their idea of a utopic society where they have total power, total freedom and the “useless eaters” have been reduced to a minority only here to serve them and be at their disposal in every way.

If they want to use our children sexually, for ritualistic abuse or sacrifice, they feel they should have the right to do so unimpeded. They prefer to be unencumbered with public outrage and protest over their despicable, heinous acts. They also prefer for us to be complicit and offer up our children willingly. However, until they realize their sick utopia, they must settle for an exchange – our children for money, material possessions, or a favorable outcome in litigation, business dealings, and political / professional standing, etc.

Now don’t misunderstand me. I’m not implying every case of child abuse involves the Elite or is rewarded by the Elite, far from it. What I am saying is to look around, be aware and begin connecting the dots – if they are there. The Elite are on a campaign to normalize pedophilia via “innocent’ portrayals in the media, victim blaming and empathy towards the perpetrator. We have the responsibility of being vigilant and aware of the trend, voicing our outrage and teaching our children that sexual advances made to them by adults are wrong and should be reported to a trusted adult immediately.

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First Post – Free Thought Captured and Shared

So this is my first post. Hopefully, I will get on track and there will be many more. There is a lot going on in the world at this moment (when isn’t there?). But as I’ve been drinking and smoking and thus got distracted, I actually wrote what may/could be the synopsis, summary, or something of a book I’ve been contemplating. I don’t know. Just free thoughts, I guess (but maybe more). Anyway, since I know no one is reading this right now, I figured I’d share this as my first post and begin blogging about the news and how it relates to reality tomorrow. Hey, it’s a start, right?

One girl has the power to overcome the World and it’s a treacherous, devastating path. Will she accept her fate or shirk her duties till the bitter End?

She’s a nobody, a geek, a nothing – damaged beyond repair. A throw away of society. Programmed in-vitro, inclined to the basest of reactions in every instance. Yet somehow she’s supposed to carry the Good? Why would she be burdened with such a thing? Why would she be tasked to such an ordeal? Especially since in all sincerity, she truly has ZERO fucks to give and couldn’t care less about any of it.

She is all dry inside, like a withering autumn night. Dead and dying, solemnly longing for that Long Night, that delicious Final Goodbye. When it’s finally over; that Solitary Sleep… But it takes so long! And she is plagued with the Way of the World. But not really – only if she engages. And being impaired / handicapped / disabled (less than those Others), at a total disadvantage from the bang of the gun, off the starting block – she’s already behind. Blasting in the wind like a marathon sprinter with no earthly idea of what It’s all about.

But somehow, somewhere deep down inside her cavernous, collapsing insides she does Feel Something. There is some miniscule spark of Hope. So tiny, so fragile, as impossible as a snowflake to grasp. Something that calls to her heart and soul and says after it All; after it is all said and Done, it Will Be all right. At the End of it All, things will settle and there will be Peace. The Realization of the Accomplishment will be astounding and awesome and absolutely Worth Every Single Moment of this pitiful, torturous , lonely, empty Life. There really is Goodness at the End.