By now you know that the Illuminati (The Powers That Be) are an elite group of people who control the world as we know it. Behind the scenes, they orchestrate the decisions and movements of major corporations, industries and governmental bodies that affect everything in our lives from the environment to our universal human rights. They keep the average citizen consumed and preoccupied with trivial entertainment that is created to program and control our thoughts and minds.

An easy way to reach the public is through mass media. Audio and visual are two major senses that we use all the time and so it must be infiltrated constantly via magazines, pictures, movies, music, videos, etc.

As a group they like to operate in plain sight. What better way to hide something than in plain sight? They do this for several reasons:

  1. Absolute deniability: when things come to pass TPTB can always say whatever negative outcome is not their fault because “we showed you what we were doing”. By showing what they are about, their beliefs, their alliances it gives anyone the obvious choice to follow them or not. You can not be absolved to ignorance of the law.
  2. Desensitization: if we see something often enough, we get used to it and may even come to expect and anticipate it. It becomes normal and commonplace to us. All of the negative and evil things TPTB promote they want us to see them as normal.
  3. Programming: the daily conditioning using these signs and symbols is propaganda programming. The definition of propaganda is biased or misleading information used to promote or popularize a particular point of view or political idea. Propaganda shapes how we view the world and our perceptions of it.


What is the difference between a sign and a symbol? Basically, a sign shows you something and a symbol is a representation of something. For example, if you are looking for McDonald’s you may look for a sign with McDonald’s written on it. You also may look for the symbol for McDonald’s which is the golden arches.  The Powers That Be want us to become accustomed to their signs represented by their symbols. A lot of it is occult in origin. But more often we are seeing these symbols in everyday life.

NOTE: As you look over the information below, it is important to remember that these people do not believe in Christ or God as normal Christians do. They may reference a “god” or “lord” but they are most likely referring to a demonic entity. Always remember “you will know them by their fruits” – meaning you will know exactly where a person stands by the result of their work. Do they surround themselves with positivity or confusion? Do they promote the good or debauchery and darkness?

Some important terms and definitions:

Luciferian Doctrine is a set of religious beliefs held predominantly by initiates of Freemasonry who practice Luciferianism as a religion.

Luciferianism is the worship or reverence of Lucifer as a deity by highlighting the “positive” aspects of Lucifer.

Satanism is the worship of Satan, typically involving a travesty of Christian symbols and practices, such as placing a cross upside down.

DISCLAIMER: the following pictures in no way implicate these individuals as Satanists, Luciferians or members of the Illuminati. The pictures simply represent examples of these 30 Signs & Symbols found in mass media.

1. Pyramids: The famous pyramids in Egypt were ancient burial tombs for Egyptian Royalty. Pyramid represents wealth, affluence and even mystery. On the dollar bill, there are 13 levels to the elevated capstone. In Freemasonry, the elevated glowing pyramid with the all seeing Eye of Providence is known as the Great Architect of the Universe or Supreme Being. Can be symbolic of a brainwashed population (large base) supporting an elite group (ascending tower).

US_dollar_pyramid sphinx-27small steps-of-freemasonry merkel10 oprah

2. Eye of Horus: Ancient Egyptian symbol for protection, good health and royal power.  Eye of Providence: All Seeing Eye of God surrounded by a glory – golden rays. Interpreted as the eye of God watching over humankind.

eye of horus eye of providence katy perry

3. One Eye Hidden: Is basically a salute to the Elite to let them know they are in allegiance with them and willing to push the assigned Agenda (similar to throwing up gang signs). Zechariah 11:17 references the Antichrist will be blind in his right eye. Although it deviates slightly, most doing this sign cover their right eye.

illuminati_celebrities-_hand_covering_eye_-_all_seeing_eye_gesture_lady_gaga1 em one eye farrow eye Ri eye willow-smith-one-eye

4. Horn of Cornuto (Mano Cornuto): Also known as the Devil’s Sign or Devil’s  Horns. Seen as a greeting between Satanists. The Satanic Bible says it is a sign of recognition between and allegiance of Lucifer’s servants.

comp horns2jpg comp horns hand.h68

5. Square and Compass: Most recognizable symbol of Freemasonry  and used in Masonic ritual. Square is an emblem of virtue. Masons must “square our actions by the square of virtue of all mankind”. Compass signifies wisdom of conduct and the Freemasons strength to “circumscribe our desires and keep our passions within due bounds”.

square _compass walken ring jake masonic ring simon-cowell-jet-ski-masonic shaq masonic ring

6. Monarch Butterfly:  Butterfly whose migration pattern is passed down to offspring genetically. Scientists learned that information can be passed down genetically in people too. For instance, people who have a history of sexual abuse in their family are highly susceptible to hypnosis and mind control. So Monarch butterfly is symbolic for mind control. Also Project Monarch was a 1950’s CIA funded government program where unsuspecting US Citizens were subjected to psychological experiments using psychotropic drugs, electroshock, and other forms of torture to disassociate the mind in order to create programmable alters.

monarch monarch- celebritiesmariah butterflyBritney-Butterfly-Wallpaper-britney-spears-10342267-500-375

7. Masks:  A mask is a way to conceal identity. It represents secrecy, lies, delusion and ritual. The anonymity of the mask allows attributes and personalities to be expressed that are normally shunned by society. The wearer of the mask may feel liberated to be and to do whatever they want while wearing the mask.

AGAGA MASKS rothchild mask paris-hilton-ball-6228-1 Solange-Knowles-Tina-Knowles-and-Beyonce-celebrate-Tinas-60th-Birthday

8. Lightning Bolt: Represents the electroshock treatments (voltage lines). Also ties back to Nazi SS insignia and human experiments done by Nazi Josef Mengele.

nazi ss gaga bowie amber bolt

9. Animal Print: represents Beta/Sex Kitten Mind Programming, promotes hyper-sexuality, mind control, alters.

alba mirren azealia-banks-playboy-photos02 celebrity-leopard-print-trend bruno-mars-rolling-stone jlo

KARDASHIAN-LEOPARD-PRINT leopard-Prince <> the Christian Dior Ready to Wear Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 show during Paris Fashion Week at Musee Rodin on March 4, 2011 in Paris, France. jaden-smith-leopard-print-pants-toys-r-u__oPt

10. Bird Cage / Cage: represents imprisonment, capture, escapism, controlled existence, slave.

britney cage audrey-hepburn Pickard-Shakira-10-001

11. Emphasis on Black, White, Red: White represents innocence, purity, the new initiate; Red represents sacrifice, blood oath, ritualism; Black represents ritual fulfilled, oath taken.

1374255028_90713084_kanye-west-taylor-swift-zoom alg-vma-beyonce-taylor-swift-jpg swift blackjpg

12. Jewel Programming: Pearl and Diamond represents sexual abuse / sex alter; Amethyst: keeping secrets; Ruby: sexual abuse / sex alter and prostitution; Emerald: family loyalty, witchcraft, also drug mule/carrier/runner and political envoy; Sapphire: protector.

marilyn pearl monroe diamond halle_berry Rihanna-ruby blog_angelina_jolie_emerald_earrings_oscars Angelina Jolie  77th Annual New York Film Critics Awards Gala - Arrivals New York City, USA - 09.01.12 Mandatory Credit: Pop/ BRAZIL - APRIL 25:  Princess Diana Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring, Watch, Gold Earrings  (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images) (FILE) A file picture dated 11 April 2011 shows Britain's Prince William fiancee, Kate Middleton as she looks on at the Witten Country Park in Darwen, Britain. According to media reports on 13 April 2011 the bride-to-be will have her sapphire and diamond engagement ring resized in time for the royal wedding that will take place in London on 29 April 2011.

13.  Cracked/Shattered Mirror: symbolizes mind control, the fractured psyche, twinning: multiple alters.

taylor swift mirror taylor-momsen-illuminati-5 mirror mask

14. Shhh! Gesture: denotes secrecy, silence, often represents sexual abuse hence the “don’t tell; it’s our little secret”motto abusers often say.

lily_allen_rihanna_tattoo Rihanna shh shh shhh-finger-tattoo-for-girls 

15. Porcelain Programming: porcelain mask, porcelain dolls represent alters created by fire / burning torture

white-mask batman mask porcelain programming. 

16. Inverted Cross: Luciferian / Satanists like to pervert the symbols of Christian faith. Connected to Satanism and the occult.

Amber-Rose-inverted-cross inverted earring rih inverted cross controlminds model inverted.

 17. Pentagram: Inverted 5 sided star, represents Goat of Mendes. Common symbol of Satanists.

inverted star birdman cassie lil wayne beckham

18. Spiral Staircase: Represents ascending / descending knowledge or wisdom. Can also mean a slow reveal of hidden things and growth and evolution.

sprial stair

19, Masonic Pillars: Represents and important gateway or passage to  sacred or otherworldly places and mysterious realms. Three pillars can represent the three stages of life or the first 3 steps of Freemasonry.

Masonic-Celestial-Pillars-of-Solomon Kanye-West-Power-Video-Pillars-Illuminati-Satanic-Symbolism-e1342349989929 michael-jackson-hologram-4-ftr

20. Owl: 40 foot owl at the Bohemian Grove is sacrificed to during the Cremation of Care. Owls have long represented wisdom. Additionally,  as it it rumored that many homosexual acts are performed at Bohemian Grove, the owl can also represent  homosexual sex rituals.

bohemian_grove3 drake-back-tattoo justin-bieber-x-arm-tattoo

21. Marionette: Signifies master/slave, handler/alter relationship

aguliera julia roberts

22. Tongue Out: Sexual abuse / sex programming, sex rituals, insemination/seeding ritual.

miley tongue leto tongue karruche alba. katy perry madonna-tongue-h selena-gomez-tongue-out

23. Baphomet: Goat of Mendes or Black Goat, means “absorption of knowledge” represents fertility and sex rituals, linked to the occult and Satanism, an alias of Aleister Crowley

madonna baphometheadsladygaga Beyonce-Baphomet-Ring beyonce-devil-worshipper-2 kendall

24. Checkerboard Floors: Masonic, signifies dualistic programming, twinning, multiple alters. Can also serve as a trigger for those under mind control to call up specific alters.

masonic floor lodgeroom checkbord Checkers2 amy checker kardashian checker no doubt checker MJ 2011 album covers blood on the dance

25. Hidden Hand: Masonic hand sign required to go through the second veil. May signify that the person depicted is part of the secret Brotherhood and their actions are inspired by Masonic philosophy and beliefs. Hidden hand which represents hidden power can also be connected to the occult.

hidden hand hidden-hand-masons hidden hand beetles al-pacino-723830l 

paris bf hidden hand

 26. 1 Finger Salute: Another Freemason sign that denotes status and power.

mason fingerobamaassange666oprah fingerfinger

 27. Marilyn Monroe:  Marilyn Monroe is said to have been the first Presidential Model Beta Sex Kitten. She is the ultimate example of a sex slave. Many celebrities have a rite of passage to channel Marilyn Monroe in a photo shoot, video, or movie portrayal. Represents Beta programming, sex slave alter, hyper-sexuality.

amber-rose-headshot b556b-anna-nicole-smith-like-marilyn-monroe beyonce monroe christina-aguilera-64072 jennifer monroe kelly-rowland-kisses-down-low-2 kim-kardashian-on-the-cover-of-vogue-brazil-magazine lady-gaga-marilyn-monroe-365x180 lindsay monroe monroe-madonna Miley-Cyrus-Marilyn-Monroe Nicki-Minaj-Marilyn-Monro-1024x575 nicole-kidman-australian-harpers-bazaar-cover paltrow Marylin_ paris_hilton_monroe penelope-cruz rita ora monroe scarlett-johansson-dolce-gabbana-campaign-04mia-monroe marilyn_ashley_judd _Kate Upton Monroe FINISHED franco monroe

28. Transhumanism: An international cultural and intellectual movement that seeks to transform the human condition using technology to enhance human  intellectual, physical and psychological abilities. By melding man and machine they believe we can be that much closer to becoming “gods”.

terminator metropolis Data_injured ex-machina-movie extant-105-preview-3 surrogates-android-200x225 sexbot robot face

29. Animal Ears: Represents Beta programming, satanic ritual abuse, sex rituals, hyper-sexuality, Sex Kitten alters.

megan fox ears herminoy ears bey ears Animal_Hats_collage TaylorAri kim ears sjp ears katy perry earstisdall ears rih ears

 30. 666:  References the number of the beast or Antichrist. Basically, flashing this sign makes those in the inner circle of  knowledge aware that the person is a willing participant to push Elite Agendas.

666 oprah 666_ha48 beiber 666t beyonce-666-hand-sign-2013-grammy-awards corey 666jpg david 666 denzel 666 depp 666 drake-666 elvis_presley-666 em666 gaga666 mj666666 lilt mariah 666

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